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Erik Muusse is a digital designer who's passionate about creating digital and user-friendly experiences. He completed his graphic design study at the royal academy of Art in The Hague in 2014 and has ever since been working with a number of clients, from small startups to big companies. With a focus for user-centered design, Erik takes a collaborative approach to every project, working closely with clients and users to create designs that truly meet their needs. When he's not busy creating designs, you might find him behind his drawing table bringing his latest creation to life or gathering with fellow adventurers in a basement playing Dungeons & Dragons. Erik's areas of expertise are the following:
Effective strategy hinges on market analysis, desk research, brand positioning, and values. Market analysis uncovers opportunities, while desk research harnesses knowledge. Brand positioning creates identity, and values shape the moral compass, guiding decisions. Together, they form a concise yet comprehensive blueprint for success.
Turn your ideas into tangible concepts, providing a clear roadmap for your project's visual and functional elements. With a focus on user experience, aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology, the concepting process ensures your project's success from its inception. We craft compelling and purpose-driven concepts that serve as the foundation for design, development, and content strategies, delivering results that go beyond just aesthetics.
Digital design
Erik offers digital design services, including UX, UI, wireframing, prototyping, digital asset creation and design systems. He merges creativity and technology, evolving with the ever-expanding online realm and tailors interfaces to your audience's needs, creating seamless digital experiences. With his expertise and client-focused approach he makes your digital vision a reality, setting your brand apart on every platform.
Craft a unique and memorable identity that resonates with your target audience and help your brand stand out. Define your brand's voice, values, and unique selling propositions, ensuring that every aspect of your presence aligns with your core message. Whether you're starting from scratch, rebranding, or looking to refine your existing brand,  Erik will ensure your online presence leaves a lasting impression.
From captivating editorial illustrations that bring your articles to life, to artworks that adorn your web pages, and even icons that simplify complex ideas – Erik has got your visual needs covered. He can also make you unique clothing prints and transform spaces with colorfull printed artworks like screenprints and riso prints. 
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